Blog entry #4 Creating a story world using characters, situations, experiences and insight

This week we focused on Multimedia storytelling and how important it is to interactive documentaries in general. If an interactive documentary doesn’t include the right type of interaction then its purpose will be lost.

Photo Journalist Dave la Bette once said “Being a Journalist is one part journalist, one part psychologist and one part artist.” Our Features lecturer Matthew Charles adapted this quote for interactive documentary makers, saying “we are one part filmmaker and one part graphic designer.” Therefore there will be many aspects to the documentary which will need to be successful and carefully staged.

The video has to be effective, creative and push the boundaries, there’s a difference between news packages and documentaries!

The audio needs to be focused, natural sound can be effective but you want to create a sense of location through your choice of audio.

Our objective is therefore clear: we need to create a story world our users can interact with and for this to be successful the characters, situations, experiences and insight need to be well framed, and believable.

This weeks seminar gave us the chance to pitch our stories to the other documentary groups, who provided us with some useful feedback.

They were confused about who our experts might be, these are going to be event organizers, organizers of dating sites, and psychologists with an insight into Gingerism. They asked why dating is important to the documentary: As a group we are trying to get a personal element across in the documentary, ginger haired people are discriminated against for personal reasons after all. Dating is a massive part of everyday life, so people will be able to relate to the issues ginger haired people face and become aware how difficult it can sometimes be, and the discrimination they face whilst dating.

The other groups were worried that perhaps it would be an information overload, to avoid this we are going to try and make it as visual and interactive as possible.

Some final feedback we received was that we need more authority in our documentary- so emotive tales and we need to explain some basic science to the audience, for example that people are ginger due to a gene in their body.




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