Blog entry #3 Social Media Policy

Our social media policy will hope to maximize emergence by distributing our project through Twitter updates, a facebook page, links to discrimination forums, the content on this blog and an interactive documentary. We will construct this in such a way that each element will link to one and other. However you can enter at any element and will be able to participate in discussions and follow the interactive documentary from any point.

This should achieve a positive emergence whereby the user has the power to decide when or if they choose to comment on the production page. It should also give the social media aspect life from different points. So if a user didn’t have a twitter account, for example, they will still be able to participate in discussions via other means.

We will post video’s of ginger discrimination and testimonials, along with other statistics, in an effort to get people to flock to the subject. Through creating discussions on these posts we will try and achieve an atmosphere where people debate and analysis the topic of ginger discrimination. However should anyone negatively separate themselves from the discussion by using discriminatory language, for example, we shall exclude them from the comments.

By posting on relevant discrimination forums, facebook and twitter we will aim to pull people into our subject. From here we will encourage users to collaborate with our project and offer their experiences and comments, in addition to providing their own video’s etc of discrimination.

Overall we aim to develop a social media design that promotes participation and interest from any corner of the web, coming together with the common goal of recognizing ginger discrimination as a serious issue and with a view of raising the profile and knowledge of the debate.




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