Entry #1 Topic, Interface and Roles

We as a group have decided to focus our interactive documentary on the discrimination faced by red haired people in the UK. The team decided to follow this idea after one of our members, Fauve Vertegaal, who coincidentally has red hair explained the challenges she has faced along with red haired people as a whole and how it is an unaddressed issue.

Gingerism: the forgotten discrimination aims to put the audience in the position of a red-haired individual to open their eyes to the discrimination they face on a daily basis.

We will be creating our interactive documentary through the software Klynt…

At the centre of our documentaries interface will be a bedroom with a variety of clickable objects, for example by clicking a mobile phone the audience will be taken to a dating simulation, where they will experience the difficulties red haired people face when dating. We aim to use the clickable objects in the bedroom to not only create a personal experience but as an access points to a number of situations and forms of discrimination.

To complete this interactive documentary the team has split the workload through a number of specific roles;

Joe Papworth, Project director

Sam Beamish, Social media producer

Jeffrey Buchanan, Content producer

Fauve Vertegaal, Content producer

Rachel Hocking, Web Editor/ graphic designer


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