Blog entry #2 Keeping Norman’s 6 principles in focus

Our documentary will take inspiration from Norman’s 6 design principles to make it as effective as possible.

The principles: Visibility, Feedback, Constraints, Mapping, Consistency, Affordance…

We aim to make our documentary as visual as possible as we understand it is easy for the audience to become bored or frustrated. Our interface of choice is a bedroom, which will have objects the audience can click on and interact with for example mobile phones. Regarding video, we aim to interview several people who have faced discrimination for having red hair in their life and use footage from popular culture.

Regarding the feedback principle there will always be the option for the audience to skip a section or return to the main interface, this will eliminate the possibility of replaying scenes. Whilst engaging in the documentary there will also be different outcomes from the choices made by the audience to keep them interested.

We will however constrain user action, at times they will have the limited options of skipping a scene or returning to the interface on the other hand a few of the sections will require more participation from the audience.

All of the buttons we will include shall be highlighted and clearly labelled so the audience are aware of this choice. We also aim to keep the decisions and text featured in specific sections as simple as possible, so the audience can interact easily with a rehearsed impression of what the outcome will be.


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